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GARDEN of BIRDS means the same as BIRDS GARDEN

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“Garden of Birds” – this phrase came as a breath of fresh air, washing away the dismal of the town, which was all dirty-gray from the melting snow, and in the instant these two words became an impulse, which suddenly stopped the kinematic movement of routine life. Who was the author of them – the light blow of a spring wind, the deceptive smile of the street girl, a fragrant smell of a new day that comes, or it was just the verbal realization of the summary of accidents stored in the memory at the past periods of life?

Nobody knows this, and the secret mechanism of how human’s intuition works, is safely sealed from inside. Nevertheless, it had resulted in choosing right words among thousands of possible combination of names, between which I was searching for a name for my blog.

Garden of Birds – this place seems to be so nice, so special, and so different from everyday life in the town, that once it was spelled in the mind, then just in the moment after that I was blown by the temptation to be the owner of the Garden of Birds, and not resisting long, at once took this name for me. It was like a love from a first glance – irrational event, which has a power to change the line of destiny in seconds. I look at my palm now: I am not sure, of course, but it seems that something had changed in its patterns… Can this be true? Or, perhaps, I would like so much to believe that this can be true, that it can indeed be?

Garden of Birds, the place there I would like to be. The men wanting to escape from this world of open or hidden slavery were always envious to a freedom, which was predestined to birds: “Behold the birds of the heaven, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them” – Matthew 6:26.

Garden of Birds, now I have you in my artful hands. I will try making you alive and will work till become tired of it. Then I leave this Birds Garden to be intact till oblivion will absorb it. Nothing is everlasting, and quintessence of art of life consists in the ability to enjoy those moments of happiness, which are apportioned to all of us. And now, as a good owner, and birds painter, I will try to make my garden populated with inhabitants. May be, when there will appear a lot of them, then you also will like my birds garden and come here often.

Come, be here, and enjoy all things you can find here. As visitor of Garden of Birds, you are welcome to stroll freely on all of its lawns and corners, and enjoy just looking on my birds and other of Bird’s Garden inhabitants. Sometimes I will sell some of my artworks and then you will have possibility to buy them.

If it will happen, that you will not like it – my Garden of Birds, then, please, remember, that it is only one of the myriads of birds gardens existing in sweet dreams of all people living in the past, future and nowadays, and the only thing you need to become a bit happier – is to find your own Birds Garden.

26 February 2009, Siauliai, Lithuania


 Watercolor painting "Two Birds Kissing"

Watercolor painting "Two Birds Kissing", technique: watercolor, paper, 32.8 x 45.6 cm. Copyright © 1997 Le-Za donski


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